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Sometimes, life just sucks.

There’s no easy way to say it. Things are really hard right now. Health issues on both sides of the family…. Which is worse? The physical or mental issues…. Blugh. Just… blugh.

Hello, hello!

I *finally* got my Xanga blog to upload over here… although I still think I’m missing a couple of years. No idea why or how to fix it.

So, I am now officially back to blogging… more or less.

Life has been busy, but that’s nothing unusual. I’ve been working at the gym still – 3 nights a week & the occasional Saturday. I have a log in that I can use from home, but things have been crazy here so I haven’t really even had a chance to do anything with that. *shrugs*

Camryn officially retired from competitive gymnastics back in July. She told me she was just done, so I told her she needed to tell the coaches – rather than just stringing it out. She said it was the hardest thing she’s ever done. 😦  She’s been to a couple of judging courses, missed the entry deadline to take the judging test today by less than a week, & will have to wait until Sept. That gives her more time to study for it.

Both of the T’s are optionals this year… Tahni still needs to decide on music (she’s waffling between 2 specific songs) & have Camryn choreograph her floor & beam routine. Taryn is using the same one she had last year. Camryn has a list of kids to do this year! It’s awesome!

The T’s started school last week. We’ve revamped our schooling again. Camryn will start tomorrow – simply b/c we didn’t have her stuff until yesterday.

Darci has moved out again… into an apartment with her boyfriend about 2 minutes from the gym. She’s working in the office on the days I don’t. 😀  Ooooh! It’s been a while, so I don’t remember if I’ve even mentioned it… she’s gonna have a baby girl in November!  I’m working on a sweater for her, & we have fabric to make her a quilt. We just picked up stuff Friday for the baby showers – craft supplies for an awesome idea I found on Pinterest.

Let’s see… Kiernan moved out in March, Caitlin & her fiance broke up the beginning of August (which just about killed everyone), Casey is still home, still being told to get a job &/or move out…. 😉

I can’t think of anything else stupendously exciting right now, so I’ll leave this at that. Ciao.