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Yesterday Sucked

I don’t really have any other words to explain the way yesterday felt. Maybe “extremely hard, extremely emotional, exhausting, never want to do it again.”

I left home about 11:15 am to meet up with the rest of the siblings. We had to put both of our parents in a nursing home/memory care facility. We all knew it was coming, it was necessary, but that really doesn’t make it any easier. They both have Alzheimers. They’ve lived in their house since I was 6 years old. That’s a loooonnnnnggggg time. Mom has been having a lot of trouble with her knee & it’s been really hard for her to get around. Fortunately, that’s a good reason to use for them staying there. She is there to do rehab on her knee, while Dad is there to be her cheerleader & bc they both would be too lonely without the other.

It was hard, more bc they just kept asking why am I here? How long will we stay? This is only temporary, right? All we could tell them was: You’re here to get your knee stronger.  It’s up to the doctor. You just need to worry about getting better & stronger. My sister bought them new recliners to have in their room, which they fell in love with. We had a bunch of pictures from their house hung up & around the room. We tried to make it as homey as possible, but it just won’t be home, ya know?

My brothers & nephew left earlier than us girls did. It worked out though, that we left right at dinnertime, so it wasn’t like they were sitting in their room wondering. Unfortunately, there was a death somewhere (not sure if their unit or somewhere else) & Mom called my sister & said they wanted to go home, not even an hour after we’d left. She did say they were doing fine this morning, so I guess they got things sorted out a little better.

I didn’t even leave until about 5:30 pm. Darci had taken the T’s with her to the gym & she was covering the front desk until I could get there. It was hard to even think about working. I felt like a slug all night, to the point that when I got home, I went straight to bed, didn’t stop to shut down my computer or anything. I wish I could say I slept all night, but that would be highly inaccurate. I woke up at 3:15 & only dozed from then until 5:30, if at all. I was definitely awake more than not. That makes the 3rd night in a row of not sleeping. Blugh.

I had to run Tahni to the chiropractor this morning. She did something to her foot at the meet Saturday, thought it was fine on Monday, then practiced last night & said, nope, not fine. Dr D pulled out her tuning fork thingy. My first thought was “crap. She thinks there might be a stress fracture.” There was a very localized spot that Tahni could point to to show where it hurt. That test was negative, or Tahni is much stronger & tougher than a Marine! 😉 She taped her up & sent us on our way. We see her again Monday to check on it.

That’s about all the brain energy I have to expend right now.