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Tap… tap… tap…. tap…

I’m just sitting here, waiting not so patiently for tickets to go on sale for Luke Bryan’s concert this summer. While I’m extremely excited to see him again, it’s also very bittersweet. Last year, John wanted to splurge & get seats in the pavilion. I chose to take him at his word, but splurged in a different area. I got tickets to BOTH nights for the same price I could’ve gotten tickets in the pavilion. This year, John won’t be going with me. However, the plan is for my sister, possibly sister-in-law, & my girls to go. We’ll make it a party. Or at least as much of one as we can. Grief is a stupid hard thing.

Last year, John bought me a t-shirt as a surprise, that I wore to the concert. LB T-shirt

I’m trying to decide if I’ll wear it this year. That’s a hard one.

Anyway, the last half hour of waiting took forever, but I successfully got my tickets for the concert!

Will try to write more later. I have my laptop back for good now – Kiernan & Tahni both got new laptops last weekend so I don’t have to share!