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And so it’s been over a week….

Things are going somewhat less suckily. We went to my great niece’s birthday party on Saturday. Most of the family got to be there. Camryn came home specifically for it – they’re FaceTime buddies. It was good to have her home as well. We did a lot of talking….about school, friends, jobs, gymnastics, kind of around the world & back. Unfortunately, most of our conversations took place between 10 pm & 2 am.

Kiernan started back to school this week. I so did not miss the drive last week while he was on spring break. Of course, trying to get up at o’dark o’clock right after the stupid time change wasn’t pleasant. He had his final in Intro to Electricity & today starts Aircraft Electrical. He got 100% on the final & I think, finished the class with 98.5%. He’s rocking this whole college experience. His dad would be so proud of him, doing what he wants & doing it so exceptionally well.

I went to Darci’s grief counselling appointment last week with her. I was mostly an observer, since it was her appointment. At one point, C asked if we talked like this all the time. Ummm, yes. She didn’t say one way or other, but I got the impression that she was surprised & glad about it. I think I’ll check into getting started myself. I have been struggling to get out of bed & get anything done. I think of stuff while driving that I should do, but then can’t remember what it was. Consequently, nothing gets done. I had 2 loads of just my darks the other day bc it had been so long since I’d done any laundry. *sigh*

I have a preliminary copy of my will & trust for the T’s, along with POA stuff. Both girls have read it over; now I just need to call the lawyer & change a few things & clarify some things. This is scary stuff. I don’t like it.

Moving on to a brighter topic. I bought Peruvian lilies a week and a half ago. They’re still beautiful.


I may do this relatively regularly bc they make me smile. Not so easy to do right now.

We got Taryn checked out yesterday. Her hamstring is definitely pulled/strained/torn. Nothing specific she did either. Dr Bree said bc of her hips/pelvis, she’s predisposed to hamstring injury. She’ll be going to PT to work on rehabbing her hamstring, but also work on her hip impingement & hopefully correct it so it’s not constantly pulling on the muscle. Meh.

Anyway, today is free cone day at DQ. I’m taking the T’s on the way to the gym. Tonight, we’re going to celebrate my mom’s birthday with dinner at Arby’s with as many of the family as can come. I can’t decide if I’m looking forward to it or not, ya know? I’ve only seen mom & dad once since John died & that was at Thanksgiving & was really rough. They just didn’t remember, so I know it’s not their fault…

Anyway, I’m off.