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Bad Blogger!

This is pathetic. I used to blog every single day. Today is the first time I’ve even opened my blog in M.O.N.T.H.S. Bah!

The 3 girls have been in Arizona for the last week. Taryn & Tahni for gymnastics camp; Camryn as an adult presence (& stand in for mom). Tahni Skyped me Monday morning, texted me a couple times throughout the day, then Skyped me again at bedtime. That’s the last I’ve heard from her. Taryn has been texting me every day since then, but ended up calling me Thursday morning. She wasn’t feeling well – pukey feeling. She ended up skipping both practices on Thursday, but went on Friday morning (she was feeling better) & I assume she probably went Friday night.

Camryn called me Tuesday night. I knew it was her (yay, caller id!) but the first thing out of her mouth was “Help me!” Talk about giving your mother a heart attack! “Why? What’s wrong?” She was in charge of dinner & the chicken was breaded, but not cooked. :-/ She didn’t know what to do with it. I walked her through the directions & told her she could call me back if she needed to. She did, about 15 – 20 minutes later. Apparently, she did fine. Taryn said it was really good, & she said Shelly told Cam she was proud of her!

I’ve had a relatively quiet week. Darci worked at the gym every night so I didn’t even have to go down there!

Monday, the boys & I went to Darci’s to swim, then she came here on Tuesday to do her hair. We actually didn’t have enough time & we had tornado warnings. She decided to go home before the worst of the storm got here. The boys & I hung out in the basement for 45 minutes until it was clear.

Wednesday, I went to Darci’s to do her hair, then we went on down to my parents’ house. Caitlin & Elena & the little girls came in later too. Thursday…. I don’t think I actually did anything or went anywhere. (Well, except the typical laundry, dishwasher, etc). Friday was grocery day, then after getting it all unloaded & put away, Kiernan & I met up with Darci at the Armed Forces Recruitment Center. He wanted to talk to the Air Force recruiter, but no one was in their office. The Marine recruiter was in his office, so we talked to him. He had K take a test of some kind to make sure it wasn’t a waste of anyone’s time. I don’t remember what the required score was… maybe 50 something???? Anyway, K got 75. He told him that with that score, he could pretty much do whatever he wanted. 😀 We spent close to 2 hours there talking to them. I think he might be leaning in that direction. (He talked the entire way home! That’s twice now!) If you know Kiernan at all, he’s extremely quiet & doesn’t say much.

Anyway…. today has pretty much been a waste. A trip out for breakfast, to the bank, & home. I folded Tahni’s clothes & put them on her bed & that’s about it. I’ve texted with Taryn a couple of different times, but she’s the only one I’ve heard from. I asked if she was ready to come home…”Yeah, I should be, but I’ll miss Arizona.” She fell in love with it just like Camryn did the first time she went.

Oh! They did get to go out for lunch & shopping with their Aunt Vickie on Wednesday. I guess they only had a 2 hour practice in the morning & nothing that night, so it worked out well.

I guess that’s about it for now.


Getting their boarding passes.

A New Year…

… & new expectations, hopes, & dreams.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with …everything… that this is the first time I’ve even opened my blog to start typing since my last post in October. I can’t say I’ve missed it at all. Facebook is sometimes all I can even handle. A sentence here; a sentence there…. a picture, a link.

So let’s get you updated on our lives.

Quinn Rachelle was born on 11/11/13 at 11:04 am. Yes, Darci refused to wait that extra 7 minutes to make it 11:11. The funniest thing about that is Darci was born 8/18/88 at 8:14 am & I got the exact same comments. I got to be at the hospital the whole time with them. I felt kind of superfluous, since I’ve never had a baby in the hospital & had no idea what to expect. Moral support I guess….

My parents are both still physically fine. We go down every Wed. to visit. Darci & Caitlin have been going as well with Quinn & Lillith, & my niece, Elena & her baby, Vanessa & my niece, Margo (Elena babysits) usually go as well. It’s fun having the 4 little ones there. Mom & Dad love that!

The T’s have had 4 meets now – they’ve been pretty successful this year! Tahni has taken 1st all-around twice & been in the top 4 every time. Taryn took 1st all-around twice & has been in the top 5 twice. Unfortunately, one of those times, they combined the age group, so Tahni took 1st while Taryn took 4th. If they’d separated them like they normally do, they both would’ve had 1st AA. Oh well…. luck of the draw. They’ve both been working really hard on bars especially. Tahni can now do a cast handstand on both bars & fly away from the handstand on the high bar. Taryn is >< this close to hitting the handstand on the low bar, has an AWESOME clear hip to almost handstand & did a handstand on high bar at the last meet so high she freaked herself out & collapsed. She still managed to score 8.650 with a fall & I’m sure, all kinds of little deductions b/c the collapse was ugly. She’d never hit that close before & had no idea what to do! They both started working giants on Monday. 🙂

Camryn has been in the gym quite a bit, even tumbling a little, coaching more. Unfortunately, she rolled her “bad” ankle on Monday night. She told me last night it was swollen. *facepalm* She’s done the judging test twice & didn’t pass either one. I’m not sure if she’s interested enough to try it again. *shrugs*

The boys are still here, still not working. I don’t even know what to do about it. 😦

John is doing pretty well. Today is the first day he’s been to work since Dec. 20th. He’s been working lots of overtime, then was told he couldn’t have any more. Okay… we’ll make it work. About 2 or 3 weeks later, he had to go in early again & has been getting OT pretty regularly since. He went in at normal time today so he could find out which direction he needs to go. However, b/c of the stupid 4 or 5 inches of snow we got overnight & this morning, he was 25 minutes late. It took him over an hour & a half to get there. He said the roads are H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. & be glad I didn’t have to go anywhere! (The gym is closed these 2 weeks.)

I should go. The T’s said they’d help me shovel the driveway after breakfast. 😀


I’m so bad at this any more. I can’t remember to even check my blog now.

Here’s a recap of the last … month…

  • We’ve been working with John’s sister on getting their mom’s apartment emptied.
  • I can no longer walk in the front room & barely the dining room.
  • A lot of that is boxes for the garage sale in the spring.
  • Some of it is bookcases that need to be set into place.
  • I’ve been working at the gym a little less this month.
  • John & I went away for our anniversary for 5 days.
  • It was awesome! Not cold, not hot… perfect weather.
  • It rained every single night, but was nice every day…. except Sat. it rained a little during the morning but it didn’t stop us.
  • Sat. night it started raining about 5:00 & didn’t stop thru the night & Sunday morning. We ended up packing up in the rain & headed towards home.
  • Darci has taken over some of my hours at the gym, since she won’t be there much next month. She has 30 days left until her EDD. o.O
  • The girls had their first meet this past weekend. They’re both doing the new optional Level 6. Here are their scores:
  • Taryn:

Vault  9.050 4th place
Bars  9.200  1st place
Beam  8.700  6th place (fell on her backhandspring – that she had a major meltdown about Friday night.)
Floor  9.250  3rd place
AA  36.200  1st place

  • Tahni:

Vault  8.900 4th place
Bars  8.400  5th place (put her hands down on her flyaway)
Beam  9.050  2nd place
Floor  9.000  6th place
AA  35.350  4th place

  • They were in separate age groups, so that was nice.
  • The lady that used to own our gym was running the meet (she has a separate company for that). She took Camryn to meet the vault judge so she could practice judging! She followed the Level 4’s to each event (since that would be the level she’d be judging) & got tips from the judges. The floor judge (the other guy that owned our gym) was the most helpful. It was pretty cool. She didn’t really give Camryn much choice – just said, “Come on. This will be good experience for you!” 😀
  • John & I took the T’s to Turkey Run State Park on Sunday. We went on Trail 3 & they loved it!
  • This week has been pretty non-productive.. I’ve done dishes & just a bit of laundry. Honestly? I’m pretty okay with that. *Shrugs*
  • Anyway… maybe I can get back in the swing of this… maybe….

It’s Home!

My laptop is safely back home!


A Day Late…

…only b/c my stupid phone won’t pull up the keyboard for this.