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A New Year…

… & new expectations, hopes, & dreams.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with …everything… that this is the first time I’ve even opened my blog to start typing since my last post in October. I can’t say I’ve missed it at all. Facebook is sometimes all I can even handle. A sentence here; a sentence there…. a picture, a link.

So let’s get you updated on our lives.

Quinn Rachelle was born on 11/11/13 at 11:04 am. Yes, Darci refused to wait that extra 7 minutes to make it 11:11. The funniest thing about that is Darci was born 8/18/88 at 8:14 am & I got the exact same comments. I got to be at the hospital the whole time with them. I felt kind of superfluous, since I’ve never had a baby in the hospital & had no idea what to expect. Moral support I guess….

My parents are both still physically fine. We go down every Wed. to visit. Darci & Caitlin have been going as well with Quinn & Lillith, & my niece, Elena & her baby, Vanessa & my niece, Margo (Elena babysits) usually go as well. It’s fun having the 4 little ones there. Mom & Dad love that!

The T’s have had 4 meets now – they’ve been pretty successful this year! Tahni has taken 1st all-around twice & been in the top 4 every time. Taryn took 1st all-around twice & has been in the top 5 twice. Unfortunately, one of those times, they combined the age group, so Tahni took 1st while Taryn took 4th. If they’d separated them like they normally do, they both would’ve had 1st AA. Oh well…. luck of the draw. They’ve both been working really hard on bars especially. Tahni can now do a cast handstand on both bars & fly away from the handstand on the high bar. Taryn is >< this close to hitting the handstand on the low bar, has an AWESOME clear hip to almost handstand & did a handstand on high bar at the last meet so high she freaked herself out & collapsed. She still managed to score 8.650 with a fall & I’m sure, all kinds of little deductions b/c the collapse was ugly. She’d never hit that close before & had no idea what to do! They both started working giants on Monday. 🙂

Camryn has been in the gym quite a bit, even tumbling a little, coaching more. Unfortunately, she rolled her “bad” ankle on Monday night. She told me last night it was swollen. *facepalm* She’s done the judging test twice & didn’t pass either one. I’m not sure if she’s interested enough to try it again. *shrugs*

The boys are still here, still not working. I don’t even know what to do about it. 😦

John is doing pretty well. Today is the first day he’s been to work since Dec. 20th. He’s been working lots of overtime, then was told he couldn’t have any more. Okay… we’ll make it work. About 2 or 3 weeks later, he had to go in early again & has been getting OT pretty regularly since. He went in at normal time today so he could find out which direction he needs to go. However, b/c of the stupid 4 or 5 inches of snow we got overnight & this morning, he was 25 minutes late. It took him over an hour & a half to get there. He said the roads are H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. & be glad I didn’t have to go anywhere! (The gym is closed these 2 weeks.)

I should go. The T’s said they’d help me shovel the driveway after breakfast. 😀