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How many days until spring?

Hmmm. I thought I started a post the other day, but apparently it has sailed off into the interwebz without me. *shrugs*

It’s cold. By cold, I mean C.O.L.D. Not just COLD, but C…O…L…D…! When I woke up this morning, it was (MINUS) -6° with a wind chill of (MINUS) -23°. That’s just wrong on so many levels. I actually put on my thermals today, bc I know I have to go out tonight & the house is cold anyway.

We went down to see Mom & Dad yesterday. They seemed good. No one complained about being cold, although Mom was bundled up like normal. *I* thought the house felt comfy & if *I* think so, it has to be.

I got their hair cut so they were thrilled with that! Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for long – Taryn had an appointment at Riley Hospital with her dermatologist so we were on a time limit. I haven’t seen her yet today so I don’t know how she feels, but it was horrible for a while after. At least she was able to play on the computer for a while, so maybe it was better later. (I think they froze just about every wart left. 😦 ) It’s getting better, but it’s been a long, painful process.

We have plans to go to Tennessee next weekend to see the school Camryn is planning on going to. I don’t know who all is going – I think it would be a great “field trip” as well as college visit. 😉 Hopefully, the weather will be decent & we won’t run into any problems (or freeze!) I’m looking forward to seeing it!

I guess that’s enough for today.